American Holidays in Peru: Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone, to continue with my theme of sharing with you my holiday related experiences here, I will now tell you about Thanksgiving in Peru. Obviously, this is not a holiday that is celebrated by the natives. Furthermore, very few people here are aware of its existence. Though a few professors and other Peruvian students will bring it up from now and again towards the end of November while trying to impress you with their extensive knowledge of your culture, most do not know what it is (which would make sense due to the fact that it is a strictly North American holiday). However, in order to keep with the spirit of the season and mainly because we wanted to eat a lot of food, a group of friends and I decided that it would be fun to throw our own little Thanksgiving get together.

One girl, a fellow IU Hoosier, offered to host the event at the apartment in which she lives here. When the day came we all got together at her apartment to celebrate the holiday. Her host mother had refused any help in cooking the meal and so, we all got to try a distinctly Peruvian interpretation of Thanksgiving food. She made an interesting apple sauce, a delicious squash casserole, bread, potatoes, and, of course turkey. Overall it was quite good and interesting to see a Peruvian interpretation of some of our holiday dishes.

Furthermore, the student's host mother is quite an interesting character. She lives in an apartment by herself and routinely hosts foreign exchange students. Right now she has the IU student, as well as a South American student living with her. Her apartment is full to the point of being quite cluttered with various works of art, pottery, and other such odds and ends. She even had her grandfather's old scepter that he used to use while mayor of a large Peruvian town. Overall Thanksgiving was quite nice.

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