About Me!

Hello everyone. I am Christopher Moore, a sophomore majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Spanish. I am studying in the College of Arts and Letters. Before I delve in to the intriguing minutia of my time here, I will give you a brief story of how I came to be a Hoosier. I spent my freshman year toiling away at the University of Notre Dame. After a rather brief and checkered career as a Biology/Pre-Med student, I decided that it was time for a change and that I wanted to transfer. While looking at schools to transfer to, a number of things drew my attentions to Indiana University Bloomington.

Well, now that you all know a little bit about me and why I am here I am looking forwards to sharing my college experience with you. You will no doubt hear in great detail the various triumphs, trials, and tribulations that await me. Hopefully through reading this blog and learning life as a Hoosier you will be able to make an informed decision about where you want to go to college (that means selecting IU), stay in touch with life here at the university, or at the very least be entertained by my endless wit and enthralled by my skills as a storyteller. 

Until next time,

Christopher Moore

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