A Belated School Year Roundup!

Hello again loyal fans and thank you all for yet again turning to my blog for all of you Christopher Moore information related needs. In this next issue I will regal you with tails of the festivities of Little Five, the joys of finals season, and of my glorious return to Lake Michigan. Thus, I will be freed up in my next issue to  update  you upon my various doings since the end of the school year.

First, I will begin by telling you about little five. Though the event is mainly targeted at the fraternity/sorority community here at IU, even for a GDI such as myself, there is still plenty to do. There were various concerts held throughout the week in order to celebrate. This year, there were mainly techno music groups invited to play. Sublime also came and was quite popular. There are, of course various other social events that occur around campus throughout the week (again, especially among Greek community), that can be quite entertaining as well. Finally, over the weekend, there are the actual races. Being a transfer student, I had never before seen the Little 500 races, and was quite surprised by how dangerous they were. There were multiple crashes, some with injuries, that occurred during the race. The teams were mainly drawn from the Greek community, though a few dorms and other student organizations, along with, of course, the cutters (the townies) participated as well. Though I must say the actual race was somewhat anti-climatic after all of the hubub made about the Little 500, the week overall was quite enjoyable and a very important part of IU college culture.

Next I shall spend a little time discussing the joys of finals season. Though many may think that it is a stressful time of all nighters and long hours in the library, if you prepare properly, it is actually not that bad. During finals week there are no classes, giving you plenty of time to study. Furthermore, if you have been keeping up with you studies and doing well in the class, there is really no need to stress all that much as you probably already know most of what you need to know for the exams. Thus, the best way to do well on your finals is to keep up with your studies throughout the semester and then use the extra time given to you during finals season to perfect your knowledge of whatever subject it is that you are studying. Also, freaking out about finals (common amongst freshmen and immature upperclassmen) will most certainly not help and will only serve to irritate your friends.

Finally, I will tell you how the Spring season finished up with the IU Sailing Club. We went to yet another event at Lake Michigan (hosted by Northwestern), and were thoroughly defeated (though we had a great time). Some interesting events from the day's activities included our team capsizing and nearly losing a boat to the briny depths of Lake Michigan while some of our team members swam in the cold lake waters for about thirty minutes.

(It looked something like this)

Fortunately, I was not personally involved in this event, though my skipper and I did manage to flood our boat twice, and nearly capsized on at least three occasions. However, sailing is still the most fun sport in the world and anyone who wants to do it most certainly should. However, as with any competitive activity, you simply cannot win them all.

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