My Biggest Freshman Year Regret - Not Going to the Little 500 Races

Little 5 is the "greatest college party weekend in the world", right? Wrong. Little 5 is the "greatest COLLEGE weekend in the world". Now I'm not saying that their isn't time to have fun, but Little 5 is so much more than the party.

If I could do one thing over so far in my time at IU it would be that I didn't attend the Little 500 races last year. I did what many students at IU do and just take Little 500 week as a time to party and maybe go to a concert or two. But why has all of this culture developed around this one weekend during the year? The actual races.

It wasn't until I started to get more involved with the Student Alumni Association this year that I started to see the work that goes into training for the Little 500. From the fall semester all the way up until Quals and the race itself, the riders are training every single day and give it everything that they have to prepare for the race. I got to see firsthand how much work the SAA women's team, RideOn, has put into this year's race. Luckily for them, hard work paid off this weekend as they qualified #17 out of 33 teams. It was amazing to see how pumped up everyone was at quals and how excited each team was as their final rider crossed the finish line. All of their work over the past few months is put to the test in those 2-3 stressful minutes, but the moment when they cross the finish line makes up for it.

This year, I absolutely can't wait to go to the races and cheer on my team. My advice to every student at IU is to not take their time here for granted. There are tons of things about IU that make it unique, the Little 500 being one of them. If you've never been to the race, come out this year and see what all the hype is about. I guarantee you won't regret it.

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