IU Class Of 2012

"We might have all come individually, but we'll leave collectively." ~ Tom Crean on the 2012 IU Basketball senior class.

I realize that when coach Crean made this statement during his pregame senior night speech this year, he was speaking to the basketball team specifically. However, it seems a very fitting quote to all of the Hoosiers who will be tossing their caps in the air as they graduate this Saturday. Indiana University proudly boasts 55 % / 45 % Indiana resident to non-Indiana-resident student body ratio. Also, 12.9% of the current student body identify as international students. It's amazing to attend a school with such a diverse group of students. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have chosen to get away from my own small town in Indiana to enter a world that is so different than anything I have ever experience.

Earlier this week in a conversation with one of my best friends who will be graduating on Saturday, I realized just how strange it is to think about graduating college. As a student, you spend so much time building new relationships and meeting new people but in the end everyone ends up going their separate ways. It's a little bit sad to think about, but I know that when I graduate I will have no regrets about my time here at IU. Knowing that I will be a part of a group of students who will go out into all different areas of the world carrying the title "Indiana Hoosier" along with their respective job titles is a powerful thought. So although the 2012 graduates will be starting their lives away from their fellow students, they will be forever linked by that title, "Indiana Hoosier".

I want to thank this year's senior class for everything that they have done for this university and congratulate them on all of their accomplishments. More importantly, I want to say that I will miss you all and I know that you will continue to do great things as you move on. You've been through a lot during your time here, but always kept your heads up and kept the Indiana community together. And for that I thank you.

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