Indiana Basketball: More than the Banners

I was browsing the Twitterverse on Selection Sunday after the Hoosiers found out they would be a 4 seed to see what my Indiana University family thought about the tournament. Aside from the usual "Go Hoosiers!", one of my followers tweeted a list of the different places across the country that were having "watch parties" for the game. The list was astounding. St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Boston, Phoenix...the list goes on and on. All of these are sites of IU Alumni Association chapters across the country. As a student at IU, I understood that the family of alumni reached across the country but I had no idea the network was this big. It's pretty cool to think that all over the country/world at 9:45 EST on Thursday night, thousands and thousands of IU alums and students will be creating their own virtual Assembly Halls wherever they are while cheering on the Hoosiers. That's why I love IU basketball, not because of the championships, or the great players, or even Bob Knight, it's the way that the games bring people together. You'd be hard pressed to find another school that gets as excited about 5 guys bouncing a ball than Indiana students and alums. The Hoosiers have struggled away from Assembly Hall this year, but I hope they know that the Crimson Guard goes with them WHEREVER they play.

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