Wanna hear a pizza joke?

Nevermind, it's too cheesy. 

I have been at IU for almost a month now and I an honestly say that choosing this college has been one of the best decisions of my life. So far, I have experienced Tom Crean speak to the Kelley Living and Learning Center, which I am a part of. I have also attended my first IU football game (Which we actually won!!) and participated in my first tailgate. I may or may not have also taken part in a few fiestas that may or may not have been extremely fun. Did I already mention that I've only been here for about a month?

However, the most important academic decision I have made so far was to choose to be a part of the KLLC. The KLLC is a living and learning center associated with the Kelley School of Business and pools together a little over 300 kids from all around the world and puts them in Bryan and Crone of McNutt to live and learn together. Normally, this wouldn't seem that fun to me. Living in a place where there will be people that are actually serious about studying and that hate partying? I'll pass for sure. However, I have been pleasently surprised on how much fun this place really is. THERE IS NO PLACE I WOULD RATHER LIVE THAN HERE. Bryan 1 is where its at.

The only think that is a bummer though is that girls don't clean up after themselves. Honestly, its your hair, please clean it up.

It's just the beginning for me. So I guess it's time, isn't it?

I now leave you with a picture of my roommate and I. (Jonathan)

Till next time,

Varun B. Ganapathy

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