Who is Suj-Suj???

 Greetings Namaste  

My name is Sujal H Patel, senior at Indiana University studying International Studies. Foremost, I am a yogi, one who pursues yogic principles and a life of inward and outward peace. I prefer leisure and quality time spent with family and friends. I am grateful for my parents who have given me the opportunity to go many places and see many things around the world. Taking with me all of these experiences, applying and being admitted to IU was the best decision I had ever made. The culture at IU is so welcoming and inviting. It is no wonder why college life is considered the most dynamic time of your life. The only constant in life and in college is that there is always change. Everyone is gifted in their own unique way. The gift I have is harnessing all energy for positive change. Since coming to IU-Bloomington, I was accepted into the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (Copenhagen) in Fall of 2010. The feeling of living abroad for a semester cannot be taught in a lecture hall or classroom. In short, I view my educational background as an organic journey of life lessons mostly picked up outside the classroom and inside my heart and mind. Lastly, I have some unfinished business (karma) left in India. By this, I mean that I am driven to improve the lives the masses of India and follow in the footsteps of Gandhiji and my great-grandfather, Purushottamdas "Dadaji" Patel. My favorite virtues that I practice every day are love, kindness, and compassion. Even though I might not have seen you, met you, spoke to you, or heard of you, I still love you, unconditionally, and with every inch of my being. Spread peace and spread love, salute yourself and others, Namaste.

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