About The Author
Corrina CampbellCommunication & Culture major, History minor. Class of 2015.

Communication & Culture major with a minor in History. Bloomington native & Non traditional student. I tend to do things backwards...

I pretty much live for film. I could watch and talk about cinema all day every day- and am incredibly lucky to have experienced working on some wonderful- as well as terrible, movies. To be able to study film in college is like living in a dream.

When not watching movies, I like to wander around campus and take pictures of what I see. I'll be sharing my photos here a lot I imagine, as well as my experiences as a student who, quite literally, is probably older than most of my classmates parents. 

Besides Bloomington, I've lived primarily in Los Angeles with a few years spent in New Orleans as well. I love to travel, and hope to pursue my graduate studies somewhere across the ocean, perhaps Europe, maybe Australia. The possibilities are endless. 

If you enjoy my photos, please feel free to follow me on Instagram, @bentfabric or http://instagram.com/bentfabric