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Two years. Two long, long years at a community college where I studied college material only on the basis of it being transferable. Why? I always had the dream, ambition to attend Indiana University. I never knew why, nor do I think I will ever fully be aware of exactly what made me think that I wanted to come here. I could give the reason of it being a formidable institution, having had family and high school friends go here, and that IU was just the place to go. I really could give the same reason for other colleges that I had the option of going to. My mother lives in South Carolina, and at one point living on a beach sounded like a blast, though I didn't go. I am pretty hesitant with a lot of things. It's pretty odd because timidness wouldn't be the first thing that people would say about me. I am outgoing, a real talker when it comes to facts that are "news-worthy". I like to participate in life and that means I find a lot of things silly and funny. For some reason, it has always just been easier to crack a smile, move a mouth, write a paper with my voice, then to just go ahead and do, what people consider to be goals. But, I'm here now. I am learning Japanese, writing a paper about the effects of comedy on politically surveys, having intimate relationships, getting to act like a goof ball with a bunch of kids, and learning things about me that are pretty great. Was it IU that shaped that? Or the GOAL TO BE AN IU STUDENT (caps to emphasis a ghoulish sound)? No. It was the community college. Fearing and despising your self and your own potential are really powerful creators of work ethic. It has pushed me to do harder work, keep up with my studies, and question the hell out of things. However, it also ruins your comfort level. Who would've thought? I guess that is why IU has given me a chance to enjoy what my self and opportunities to prove that very initiative too.

Name: Aaron Clark
Hometown: Ft Wayne
Degree and Major: Sociology; College of Arts and Sciences
Graduation Year: 2013

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