What I Miss the Most About IU

The thing I miss the most about college (IU in particular) are those spring days when it is in the mid-70's to low-80's and you only have one class at about 11 o'clock. As you are walking to class in t-shirt, shorts, sunglasses, and sandles, Polar Pop in hand, you hear Acacia and ATO playing sports in the front lawns. You sit in class, not really paying attention, looking out the window, just wishing the teacher will let you out early due to good weather. As soon as he lets you out, the first thing on your mind is 'how quickly can I get back to my house, grab a beer, and sit on the porch with my friends'. After some Bud Lites, it's starting to cool off a little bit and you fire up the grill. Everyone throws you their order. After dinner, the music is now playing, people are still sitting on the porch, getting a little bit loud and rambunctious. Later, it's time for a shower, because you know its going to be a great night to hit up Roys' outdoor porch or Sports' outdoor patio. After having a long Island or two, you head up the street to Brothers, where there are great drink specials, and it's never quite as crowded as either of the Kilroys spots. Make sure that you are good and ready for a night of dancing and craziness at Sports. You gotta love the mixture of people and when I was there, you could get really good food late at night, outside on the patio. Then you head home around 4 am, sit and shoot the breeze with your friends for an hour, go to bed, then wake up Saturday morning and watch football all day.

That is what I miss most of all about college.

Degree and Major: SPEA
Graduation Year: 2010

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