The Many Things I Miss About IU and Btown

There are definitely a lot of things I miss about IU and Bloomington, so I'll share it in a list:

  • Dats (cajun restaurant on 4th Street)
  • KOK breadsticks
  • 2 am dance offs upstairs at Sports
  • Being super productive at Wells Library
  • Shopping on Kirkwood Avenue
  • $2 dolla Tuesdays at KOK
  • Brothers' Wednesday night wings
  • Long runs around campus during the fall
  • Pregaming: anytime, anywhere
  • IU basketball, specifically being present in Assembly Hall
  • 4 am Pizza X cheese pizza and bread sticks with ranch and sauce
  • Every single second of Little 500 week
  • Being able to walk everywhere; you could literally live without a car in Btown
  • Krogers' extremely reduced prices (they really aren't as low in other cities)
  • Random Tuesdays/Wednesdays during the spring when the weather is surprisingly gorgeous and someone texts you "Roy's?" and you say yes without a question
  • Rush
  • Delta Zeta Turtle Tugs philanthropy, specifically during my junior year
  • Saki bombing at Japanee
  • Margs at LaCha
  • Frozen yogurt at Berri (or whatever it's called)
  • Porch day drinking
  • Being with your best friends 24/7
  • Girl talk at IU
  • EVERY single tailgate EVER. EVER. Especially raging on truck beds, blasting 'shawtys like a melody in my head' ("Replay" by Iyaz) and wyling out, dancing like we are in a club during an 8 am tailagate
  • Waking up at 4 am to hurry up to the frat house and wake up our pair for the day's events
  • Hanging out at Pi Kappa Phi before going out
  • Every Halloween
  • House parties with Jungle Juice
  • All of my Telecommunications professors
  • Riding the B bus to Bears
  • Nick's Sink the Biz
  • AMFs (those blue drinks)
  • Karaoke Thursdays at Bears
  • Cheap tanning at Total Tan
  • MaCallisters Sweet Tea

Okay I know thats a lot but I could go on and on!!! I miss IU and btown more than anything. Wish I could have explored more, but I can't wait to visit this spring for Little 5!

Name: Britt Cira
Hometown: South Bend
Degree and Major: Telecommunications
Graduation Year: 2011

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