The Hot Dog Man

*I'm attending IU in the fall of 2014 as a Music Education major, but I wanted to share with everyone the legend of IU that is my dad (the picture is of me btw). Can't wait to be a Hoosier!*

My dad was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and attended IU as a business student (though he dabbled in physics, physical education, and other questionable majors). When he attended Indiana, he and his good friends went to every football game until the end of the season, as football is one of my dad's favorite sports. At one of the very first games his sophomore or junior year, he sat in the stands with his friends, enjoying the game. At one point, his friends asked him to buy 10 or so hot dogs for the whole group of them, to avoid waiting and to get the food all at once. After buying ten hot dogs, he doled them out to his friends and proceeded to watch the game.

The next game, the request was not for 10 hot dogs, but for 20 or 25. Again, being the kind-hearted guy that he is, my dad complied and bought the hot dogs for his friends group, which had strangely grown in size.

As each game progressed, the request for hot dogs would amount to larger and larger numbers, causing a ruckus both in the concessions stands and the stands themselves. People would look at him and say, "Hey Hot Dog Man! Hand me a hot dog!"

At one of the last games of the season, my dad and his friends decided to bypass the waiting in line for the concession stand and take matters into their own hands. So, before the game, my dad and his friends cooked three hundred hot dogs, individually wrapped them in foil with condiments, and took three coolers full of hot dogs to the football game.
The stands went nuts.

People were shouting numbers and asking for hot dogs as my dad threw them through the stands, responding the name "The Hot Dog Man." And to this day, my dad is still known as that name. Though his IU days are well past him, and he reminisces on all the memories he had, people still ask, "Oh! Were you the Hot Dog Man? You were my favorite part of the game!"

Name: Miller Susens
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Degree and Major: Music Education and Business
Graduation Year: 2018

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