The best place to live on campus

Last semester, my friends and I took a road trip to Washington, D.C. We met several former senators and a governor and managed to network with some very successful IU alumni. That was just one weekend. 

If you’re in the process of searching for first year housing at IU, you should look into the living learning centers. The LLCs are communities within residence halls that bring together students who share common interests and values. The Civic Leaders LLC is a community within Briscoe Residence Hall for students interested in leadership and civic engagement. Basically, we want to make the world a better place.

There are infinite advantages to being a Civic Leader. The most obvious is our trip to D.C., but my favorite is the community that the LLC creates. Civic Leaders aren’t all future politicians or lawyers; everyone in the LLC has diverse and interesting passions. I have friends that want to join the Peace Corps and a friend that wants to study linguistics, while another friend is returning to South Korea next year to serve in the military. Everyone I know in the LLC is driven, interesting and passionate. I’ve made incredible friends here that all want to make their own impact on the world.

Name: Erica Gibson
Hometown: West Lafayette
Degree and Major: Journalism


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