The 7 Best Ways to Conquer Hoosier Homesickness

It’s really easy for a college student, first-year or not, to become homesick. He or she may be out on their own for the first time, in a different state far away from home, or just struggling with the overwhelming atmosphere of college. Regardless of the scenario, homesickness can seem impossible to overcome at times, but it isn’t and you are not alone. To help fight homesickness, here are some simple ways to stay in touch with home:

Call/Text home (especially parents) 

This is the simplest way to stay in touch here in the Twenty-First Century. Schedules can get occupied quickly for any student, but that is no excuse for not calling home. You can call on your way to class, after you wake up or before you go to sleep, and you can also allot time during the day to call home. Texting is quicker for the busiest of students. A quick text to family and friends can make anyone’s day.


Face-time (or Skype for those who do not have Apple products) is a great way to physically see the person whom you are talking to and also feels more personal. Parents and grandparents love to actually see your smiling face, so don’t hesitate to get dressed up for your Face-time/Skype date with your family and friends.

Social Media 

This is a less personal way of staying in touch with home, but it is always nice to see how your friends are doing at their respective colleges, not to mention it also helps make friends. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just a few of the possible ways to communicate with a larger group of people at once.

Write Letters 

Writing letters seems a little over the top, but, if you can get past the cost of stamps and the time it takes to write letters, they are a genuine way to communicate with others back at home or at other schools. You could even swap weekly or monthly letters with those you care about the most.

Visit Home/Other Schools 

There’s no other way to get the feeling of home than to return home for a weekend. Visit as many family and friends as possible while you stay, and indulge in whatever it is that you appreciate the most about home. Even if it is once a month or a couple times per semester, visiting home always boosts a student’s spirits. Also, visiting other colleges to see high school friends can be fun too, and you can also make new friends that way! Just let them all know how awesome IU is.

Buy Gifts for People at Home 

Nothing makes a person feel better than the gift of giving, so buy things for people at home so that you can surprise them when you see them again. They will greatly appreciate it, and you will feel happy knowing that you have a surprise waiting for them. It can be anything, even IU apparel.

Invite Them to Campus 

If you can’t go home, bring home to you. Invite family and friends to spend a weekend, or even just a day, at IU’s beautiful campus. Walk them around, and show them what a day in your life consists of. It will make your parents feel better, knowing what happens on campus and in your schedule, and make your friends jealous that they don’t have as great of a campus to explore. Take them to any Bloomington eatery, visit College Mall, or cheer for an IU sport. It will be fun and act like a small vacation for your family.

Combating homesickness doesn’t have to be a struggle if you utilize these simple, yet productive ways to stay in touch with home. There are many other ways too, so ask your friends on campus how they stay in touch with their friends and family (and it’s not an awkward conversation either). Good luck!

Name: Taylor Lehman
Hometown: Kendallville, IN
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Graduation Year: 2018

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