Serious Boiler Down

Last year I attended Purdue University with high hopes and great excitement. Only problem was.... it was terrible! I didn't make a lot of friends, had trouble finding organizations that interested me, had little to no resources available for politics and law. I dreaded my time there and figured that it wasn't the school, but it was me. I struggled with whether or not I should transfer. I was nervous it would be really difficult to make friends and catch up, because I would be a sophomore living the freshmen experience. But, I went for it and transferred here to IU. I can say from personal experience, IU beats Purdue in all aspects! I've made great friends, joined oraganizations, and am really excelling in my major and career path. This school has been one of the best things to ever happen to me and now I know it's not me, its that "other school." No comparison.... HOOSIERS all the way!

Name: Taylor
Degree and Major: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2014

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