"Cutting" Through Adversity

I grew up in Bloomington & returned to go to back to IU after a year of academic probation at Miami Ohio, and revamping my academic credentials through The City Colleges of Chicago system. I never expected to be accepted into the school of continuing education. I was not only accepted but embraced. The relationships I developed with friends and colleagues at IUB flourish to this day, even after 15 years and a career that has spanned 3 fields and 2 coasts. I am a 1st generation towny, with IU faculty parents, and I was fortunately embraced by both the town and academic communities. My experience, navigating the best of the city of Bloomington and Indiana University taught me that the "us vs them" dichotomy is a false choice, and at my best I have strived to embrace and conscientiously defend my community without being belabored by tribalism. I treasure my experience growing up in Bloomington and feel privileged to have studied at IU.

Name: Julian Eaton
Hometown: Tijuana
Degree and Major: Sociology
Graduation Year: 2001

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