One month @ IU.....ALREADY?

Wow, I can't believe that today makes in one month since I have moved on the IU campus. Its overwhelming, a month ago I just moved onto a campus where I didn't really know a lot of people just like maybe 80% of my freshman class.

This has been the most "changing" month of my life. I made new friends, Started living on my own, got a sense of what college is like and joined about 50,000 clubs which happily is turning into only 2. I had a roommate, got a new one (friends with both). I have called my mom for money, cried because I didn't think I could handle school (still don't think I can but I'm working on it) :), I even had a professor ask me to talk to him because he felt I wasn't engaged in the class like I was at first and was worried (that was sweet).

I also learned a lot about myself and others cultures. My closest friends happen to be from Indiana, Las Vegas, St. Louis, China and Hong Kong (they aren't called Chinese) and Singapore. And they are all amazing people in their own ways. We have board games on Fridays and Free movie Saturdays(which are AMAZING) and we also study and support each other since we are all Pre-Business and Business students.

I think that IU is really great, a lot of nice people and a lot of Chicagoland people which happens to be where I am from but is still REALLY DIVERSE. I love the people I have become friends with, the clubs I am hopefully going to stay in for the rest of the year (M.O.R.E and CLD), and I am ready to continue this adventure for 4 years (or more). (BTW the picture is my nieces and I the day I moved right before everyone started balling).

Name: Sara Claire Gaspard
Hometown: Evanston
Degree and Major: Marketing and Non-Profit Management
Graduation Year: 2016

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