Once A Hoosier, Always A Hoosier

Almost a year ago today, I had the distinct pleasure of being accepted for a position to work within Indiana University’s Office of Enrollment Management, Interactive Communications department. The cherry on top, I would quickly find, was in helping to facilitate the WeAreIU.com blog.

Now on this particularly cold day in New York City, I happened to revisit the website during my lunch break and was pleasantly surprised by the changes I saw. Before, it looked good. Today it looks AMAZING. What a treat to see something I loved being a part of in the beginning now blossomed into a visually stunning force of nature! And the posts are phenomenal and abundant. It gives me great joy to see others recognizing the greatness of what it means to be a part of IU.

Still, my emotional attachment to We Are IU is more than just “employment-deep”. I am an alumnus of Indiana University Bloomington and though there are 800 miles and months that’s past between “us”, the extreme pride of being a Hoosier has never once faded.

Whether I’m commuting on the subway, working out, or meeting new people, I’m always fondly brought back to my time at IU.

I’m infected with Hoosier Fever, down to my core. It’s the feel of my favorite Kilroy’s shirt I put on before bed. The song my sorority sisters and I would always dance to sophomore year that comes on shuffle. Falling upstairs in my office building just like I would in Ballantine Hall, rushing to be on time for English class. Whether I’m in Chicago or NYC, a bright blue sky transports me back to the tailgate field during football season, which was always littered with pick up trucks and happy people.

IU never left me and thank goodness for that. My undergraduate experience was perfect. Of course I went through difficulties, as everyone does. Some friendships didn’t last, I had plenty of break-ups, and abysmal finite grades. But now at age 23, I have the entire world at my feet and I’m on the pursuit of happiness. In the time of BC (Before College), I don’t know if I could say that for myself.

Being a Hoosier helped me to grow, shape my personal tastes, and push me to make adult decisions. Now it’s only with intense gratitude and nostalgia that I regard my days at IU.

So please – embrace every moment if you are a current student. It goes by so quickly and will have a profound effect on the way you live your life. Bias aside, you will never find a school like Indiana University.

Name: Megan K. Freeman
Hometown: Wilmette, IL
Degree and Major: Bacheror of Arts, English
Graduation Year: 2011

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