My Man Herman

You can't be a student at IU without having gone to Wells Library. My friends and I have spent so much time there that it's almost as if the library has become the focal point of our lives. Within my group of friends we have decided that whenever we go to the library we say on a date with my man Herman, staying the night at Herman's, or just chilling with Herman. For us it became this underlying joke, and to make some type of amusement out of studying.

Who knew so many people could fight over a seat in a man's house. The funniest joke was when I told my friend she should make a post about how she was on a date with Herman, and he didn't bring her flowers or take her out to dinner. Her boyfriend called and immediately wanted to know who Herman was. After about five minutes of pure laughter, we explained that Herman was the main man of her life AKA the library.

Name: Kat
Hometown: South Bend
Degree and Major:
Graduation Year: 2014

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