Making a good impression

I graduated from Indiana University near the end of the month in May 1959. I believe it was a Friday. I was to begin my first new job at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center in Marion, Indiana the following Monday..This was my big chance and the good part was that my starting pay was $4040.00 a year. I thought, gee, I won't have to send my dirty clothes home to Washington, Pennsylvania anymore in a mailing box. I shaved, showered and got dressed to make the 2 hour trip from Bloomington, Indiana to Marion,Indiana with all my godly possessions in the back seat of my 1954 Mercury.. I drove by the Gables one more time with tears in my eyes. I finally realized that I was on my own and was really going to miss my friends and school. I started to sing...Indiana, my Indiana. I had to stop singing since my eyes were filled with tears. As I was driving, I rehearsed everything I was going to say to impress my fellow staff members. I arrived in Marion about 11 a.m. I somehow felt that I wasn't dressed good enough and wanted to make some last minute adjustments. I passed a YMCA, went in and ask if I could shave, shower .and change clothes since I was starting a new job and wanted to make a good impression on my first day. To be truthful, I was shaking and scared. I drove to the Medical Center,and straight to the Administration building. I walked up to the secretary and ask to speak to MR. Rice and that he was expecting me. She politely told me that due to this being Memorial day Weekend the Personnel offices were closed till Tuesday. I had my appointment letter in my pocket. I took the letter out to show her. The letter said Monday. They made a mistake. Well, I was certainly clean and had a real close shave. The town looked empty and I felt like my confidence was being tested. I drove to a drive-in where the female servers served food to your car window. on roller skates. Fats Domino was singing..Blueberry hill. The servers were pretty, single and wearing tights. The next day was flawless. Everything fell into place. I worked at that Medical Center for 9 years and then transferred to the Miami Veterans Administration Medical Center in Miami Florida. And I can say this, my background in Anatomy and Physiology was far superior to the other staff members. In 3 months, I was appointed Clinical Training Instructor for students at Taylor University. That was all possible because of my education at Indiana University.

Name: William Gallo
Hometown: Washington, Pennsylvania
Degree and Major: B.S. Science
Graduation Year: 1959

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