IU Football is clearly Amazing!

Ok, So Yesterday I finally went to my first College Football game and for a girl who loves football that was one of the most Intense games I have ever been to, the games was amazing (besides the fact that the ref. had it out for the Hoosiers and let BSU get the last unfair field goal.) I think that most of the game I was literally on the edge of my seat or about to fall of the rail. Even now blogging about the game and relieving it is an amazing feel.

I have to give GREAT KUDOS to the football team because they never gave up and they really did put all they had into that game. It was completely amazing just the feel of sitting in the stands(even though the people in front of me were BSU fans) with all the Hoosiers cheering and yelling. It was amazing. Coming to IU I always heard the FB team sucks so I didn’t really care to go to a game until I had free tickets with M.O.R.E and as a student Ambassador I went with prospective High schoolers and try to get them into the game, which also made the game all the better. But but whoever said that IUFB sucks… guess what YOU’RE WRONG! First off we were 2-0 and then we were ONE SECOND away from a 3-0 record but now we are 2-1 but I Have to say so far that is one hell of a record and I can’t wait to watch the rose bowl game with IU on the field… So while next stop is Northwestern Univ. in Evanston(my home town), I hope they CRUSH the Wildcats!!! Good Luck!!!

Name: Sara Claire Gaspard
Hometown: Evanston
Degree and Major: Marketing and Non-Profit Management
Graduation Year: 2016

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