I Made It...Again.

Can't say I was on my best behavior in high school. Very smart just never applied myself. I was the most popular kid, but surviving in roughest parts of Chicago was all I had planned. Until my dad took me to a football game my junior year, I swear the crowd changed my whole life. I aced my SATs and by a thin hair made it to IU. I was first out my family to go to college and loved having them see this beautiful town; it's a paradise. I had a 3.1 GPA and I even brought my newborn daughter up to visit me in the dorms and took her everywhere. I was living the life until she passed away unexpectedly of SIDS during finals week my freshman year. Of course my grades suffered since I had to suddenly leave, but the university's staff was their for me all the way. I was allowed to try again despite what my academics displayed. So now I'm into my senior year continuing to do well. For me, the spirit of IU keeps me going and to be here is like being home. For the traditions, people, and school spirit I thank IU for being here in the most difficult times as my anchor to achieve my greatest success.

Name: Edward Williams
Hometown: Chicago
Degree and Major: Theater
Graduation Year: 2013

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