For the High School Senior: Consider IU

For all future freshmen considering IU, this is my story and experience on why I chose IUB. Like many high school seniors, I wasn't a hundred percent sure on what my major would be, or what school I wanted to attend for the next four years of my life. Choosing a college and major is extremely life changing for not just you, but your family and friends. During my senior year I applied to a total of 8 schools, with three different majors in mind. None of these majors were related to each other, which made my decision-making process even more stressful.

Something that most people wouldn't know is that IU was the last school I applied to, and also the last school I expected to attend. I confess that I applied to IU for bragging rights, which is something I learned does not benefit you in the long run. Three weeks after applying I got my acceptance email, and decided to seriously consider this school. IU had everything I needed for either one of the three majors I considered, and also had that big school feel I wanted (I graduated with a large high school class, so I wasn't going for a small school).

During the month of November I toured IU with my mother for the first time, and honestly I was taken aback by how large the school was. I thought maybe this wasn't right for me and panicked. Thankfully I pulled myself together for the tour the next day, and found that IUB was absolutely perfect. It was gorgeous, and it wasn't too difficult to navigate. My fears subsided and I knew right after the tour this was where I wanted to be.

I just finished a successful first semester here, and I have had an amazing time thus far. For you high school seniors considering IU: please don't judge IU on it's size or any bad reps you may have heard. Come and visit the school, I have a good feeling your mind will change.

Name: Megan Foukes
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Degree and Major: Undergrad, Journalism
Graduation Year: 2017

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