Throughout my adult career the one thing that's remained constant is my love of my experiences at IU and more specifically Little 500. I often tell people I majored in Little 500, which isn't too far from the truth. It was always my goal to win the Little 500 and it took me four hard years of training to finally accomplish that feat. Everyone knows the Cutters now after 30 successful years of showing up in April ready to compete for a victory. Actually 1 in 3 races since 1984 has been won by a Cutters team. I learned more about how to prepare for winning and in life from that experience than my combined academic efforts. I look at the accomplishments of everyone of the Cutter riders in 30 years and feel proud to be part of that legacy and the Champions we sent forth into the world. I stay in close connection with all my friends from Little 500 and I'm thankful I played a small part in everyone of their lives. While in high school I was an extra in Breaking Away. Little did I know as I rode behind the star Dennis Christopher that I too would become a Cutter someday.

Name: Randy Strong
Hometown: Evergreen
Degree and Major: BS in Recreation Administration
Graduation Year: 1984

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