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Starting my freshman year last year I did not have too much of a plan as to what I wanted to do to be involved, all I knew was that I wanted to be involved because meeting new people was something important to me. I had heard about various clubs I might be interested in and I attended the Involvement Fair to get more ideas as well. But the best club I decided to join was one that I had never intended to join because it sounded too intimidating, the Swim Club.
I attended my first practice in hopes of seeing a friend there that had encouraged me to join. From the beginning, I was hooked! The friends I have made and the fun I have had with them have left me with many great memories of my freshman year and I cannot wait for the years to come!
Whether it be a sports club, an art club, a video game club, or a music club, everyone can join a club and they should! Being involved is a great way to meet people and build lasting friendships.
I have no regrets joining the clubs I did and I feel as though I would have regretted not joining. I am very happy with my decision and the Swim Club truly makes IU feel like home away from home, we are very much a family.
So, do not be intimidated like me and join a club that appeals to you, there will not be any regrets and you will represent IU in a creative and fun way!

Name: M. Najjar
Hometown: Indianapolis
Degree and Major: Elementary Education
Graduation Year: 2016

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