Student Involvement Fair Madness!

Heeey there guys! How's everyone? Good? Great, glad to hear it! It's been a busy week for me, a busy couple of weeks actually, but one of the highlights behind all the stress was the Student Involvement Fair at Dunn Meadow! "Wait, what's the Student Involvement Fair?" you might ask. 

In short, the SIF is a get together fair of most (if not all) the officially recognized SO's (Student Organizations) on the IU campus. I think when I checked it was definitely over 300 that were present at the fair, registered with booths (I guess tables technically, but whatever) for students to peruse. The SIF allows students new or old to the campus to walk around, sign up for clubs they are interested in and hear more information about all the various groups our campus has to offer. There were also IU-associated groups and non-student groups there as well (I think Red Cross was there). Overall the SIF is a pretty expansive, and fun environement for students to get to know the student body and learn how to participate in the IU community!

As some of the other WeAreIU student bloggers found out through me meeting them, I'm the President of the Breakdance Club at Indiana University! So I was there for however many hours baking in the sun, getting tan (unwillingly) and recruiting new members to our club. Also, WeAreIU had their own table, and it was really cool seeing other student bloggers in person and to see students take an interest in the site! Other clubs I had interest with were the Bellydancing Club (which were situated to my right and helped me recruit while I sent ladies over to them who were still interested in dance but not breaking), and the Anime Club (to my left, and yes I am a geek on the inside and I like Anime). There was also a Biology/Community Service Club that was right across from me, to which I made friends with and supported.

It was a ton of fun, and it was great seeing so many students getting invested in the organizations our campus has to offer! 

If you want to be a Student Blogger, feel free to sign up here! Blogging is awesome, and I personally think it's even more awesome that students can share their experiences regularly for incoming students and alumni alike.

Lastly, here's a video on the Breakdance Club at Indiana University's official YouTube (which I run) of our 5-minute performance at SIF. The dancing starts at the 2:00 mark so feel free to skip ahead to that and watch the whole performance! If you signed up to the e-mail interest list at our table, you'll be hearing from my soon with more information about our club, when we meet, and what to expect from us!

Thanks for reading!
~Michael Roach

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