Ein Abend in der Oper (A Night at the Opera)

IU's Musical Arts Center (or the MAC)I've always enjoyed going to the theatre (or theater if you'd prefer to spell it that way) whether it's a symphony orchestra, ballet, muscial, play, opera...you name it! I'm a big fan of the performing arts and I've even performed in a few orchestras, plays, and musicals (not professional ones, of course, but all of it was really enjoyable!).

So with my love of theatre, IU is a great place to be.The Jacobs School of Music is yet another wonderful part of Indiana University and it produces more than 1,100 performances every year between student recitals, concerts, ballets, and operas!

This year I was able to see the operas Così Fan Tutte and La Bohème, and I plan to attend one of the performances of Der Rosenkavalier. IU opera creates phenomenal performances between top notch musicians, elaborate sets, and a talented cast and crew. The Musical Arts Center (MAC) stage is enormous and the theater is beautiful. I highly recommend seeing an opera (and maybe a ballet too!) at the MAC at some point during your time at IU. Believe me you won't regret it!

My friends and I have really had a lot of fun getting fancy and going to an IU opera night. The last time we treated ourselves to Mother Bear's for dinner before we saw La Bohème and I'm hoping to try out another awesome Bloomington restaurant before I see Der Rosenkavalier on February 24th. Seriously, good food and amazing opera performances in one night? Seems like a pretty sweet deal to me!

I understand if you aren't really "into" the whole opera idea, but it's an experience that you should try at least once. You know it'll be an excellent performance and tickets are easy and relatively inexpensive to buy. Plus you don't have to be fluent in Italian, German, French, or whatever language the opera is in--a translation is provided for you on a screen above the stage so you can actually understand what's going on!

I think we should cherish the passion that goes into perfomances like those we have at the IU opera, and why shouldn't we take advantage of the opportunity to see great shows made by great people?

Okay, enough of me raving about IU Opera. I hope you get a chance to go and appreciate it as much as I do!

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