The Beginning of a New Chapter: College Life

Being here at IU the past for weeks has been great. I cannot believe I am finally here, it seemed like college was taking for ever to get here. Being here the past four weeks has really reminded me why I chose to go to school here. However, I should tell you that IU was not my first choice intially. Ever since middle school I had wanted to attend Ball State, I know I wasn't thinking straight, thankfully I happened to go on a college visit to IU and I was set straight. I fell in love with everything about IU. The campus is so beautiful, the town is fantastic, and there in so much to do. Already I feel like I am immersing myself into so many new things, and I am learning so much.

I have been enjoying my classes a lot so far, and I am pretty sure they are only going to get better. My first week of classes went rather well thankfully. I had no problems finding my classes, or making it to class on time. I sat in the front in all my classess and made sure to introduce myself, and afterwards I felt really great. Now, as classes are starting to dive deeper into material, I feel even more excited, and I am happy to say I am keeping up with my work. I am also proud to say that I have begun to become involved here at IU. Also the amount of friends that I have made these past few weeks alone is ridiculous, and there is no doubt that I make more friends and the months progress.

My goals for this semester are to:

1. Go to class everyday and on time.

2. Develope and maintain good study habits.

3. Complete assignments on time.

4.Get PLENTY of sleep.

5. Stay active.

6. Have fun.

Of course a few if not all are challenging, but I am a determined person. I will find the best ways to complete these goals and I will share them here. I looke forwared to the oncoming months, and the things to come. I am also looking forward to sharing my expereinces and tips with all the fellow blog readers. Until next time, stay safe ladies and gentlmen, and remember, We Are IU.

About The Author
Stephon GilderClass of 2017, Anthropology Major, Indianapolis, IN

I'm a freshman studying anthropology at Indiana University. I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana where I attended Ben Davis high school. I was ridiculously involved in high school, and I'm already starting to join quite a few clubs.  I enjoy various hobbies such as reading, writing, and music. I'm eccentric, sarcastic, and theatrical. What can I say? I am excited about sharing my experiences and adventures here on campus.