The First Month: A Survival Guide to Money

I am proud (and shocked) to say that, along with over 7,000 other kids, I recently finished my first month at Indiana University. I say shocked because I swear I moved in less than a week ago and that I saw my parents yesterday, even though it’s really been almost 8 weeks. Here are some things I’ve picked up on throughout my time as a Hoosier:


It is completely up to you whether or not you stress over the number in your bank account. I’ve recently seen a slew of Tweets and YikYaks that say something along the lines of “which will hit 0 first, my bank account or my GPA?” I promise, neither has to. As for your bank account, here are some ways I’ve managed to stay in the black despite my online-shopping addiction.

1. It’s Friday and you need more IU apparel before the morning. I know it can be far, but head over to Kirkwood and check out your options. The walk is good for you and the prices are good for your wallet.

2. It’s Friday and you want ice cream. Great! Get that ice cream! But choosing between spending 80 cents of meal points at the Crimson Creamery is just as delicious as going off campus for ice cream, and you can even leave your wallet in your room.

3. VENMO. Venmo is an app for your phone that allows you to safely transfer money into your friends’ bank accounts. All you have to do is attach your account to a credit or debit card! This way, when you pay for everyone’s pizza, they can all pay you back their share with the touch of a button rather than writing an IOU in the notes on their phones while everyone knows you’ll never get that money back. Similarly, you can pay people back in exact change instead of rounding up. I know the rounding of 50 cents doesn’t matter now, but 25 times from now it will make a difference.

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