5 Things You Can't Forget to Bring to College

1. Lint Roller:

I know. It sounds weird. But I swear everything looks better without the fuzz. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a brand new pair of leggings every time and you’ll be slick as can be in your lint-free suit for your presentation.

Here's the one I have​​!

2. Planner:

It is so much easier to keep your life in order when you have a place to write everything down. I like to go a step further and color-code my lists. This way, I know which things are homework, which are events, which are tests, and so on.

Here's the one I have!

3. Pictures:

As I sleep-away camp counselor, my summer was jam-packed. I had barely any time to buy dorm supplies, let alone print pictures. The second I walked into my new room in August, I quickly realized that I needed to print pictures ASAP. There's no way your dorm room will ever feel like it's yours without some personalization. I was recently able to order prints online (over 100 pictures for only a little over $5!) and have them shipped straight to my dorm. The second I put them up, my room felt a little homier.

Here's where I printed mine!

4. Water Bottle: 

Drinking water is so important, and so easy to forget. Whether you're rushing to class or studying in Wells, a filled water bottle is a must. Some people like to buy water bottles with their lunches and snacks throughout the day, but I've found that it's easier to fill mine up in a water fountain. This way I also save money.

Here's the one I have!

5. Phone Chargers: 

Notice the 's' on the end of the word 'charger.' I meant to put it there. I like to keep one by my bed, one in my purse, and one in my backpack. This might be a tad excessive, but I always find my phone running low on battery. This was especially difficult during the first few weeks when I had to have my phone constantly on so that I could use the IU Mobile campus map. Still, I like to always have a charger on me just in case. Remember: your class schedule, reminders, calendar, and bus tracker are all on your phone. A low battery can be a death sentence, so don't let that happen.

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