Moving In at Collins

For all of you new Collinsites out there wondering what it's going to be like on move-in day, I'd like to clue you in.

Recently, people have been moving in to Collins early. This is fine, you know - get there, set up your room, breathe a little. However, it makes you miss out on some awesome feels.

Driving up to Collins on Wednesday (official move-in day) you'll be greeted by fun music, balloons, streamers, dancing, and people EVERYWHERE. You might as well practice your grin now because once you get here, it won't leave your face. Welcome Week Assistants will greet you at your car to help you carry things up to your new room after you check in. Refreshments will be around the courtyard for after you move in and you're hot and need a break. And if those aren't enough, you can take a run through the Babelfish Pool with your new roommate to break the ice.

Basically, moving in on Wednesday gives you all the pomp and circumstance necessary to get your week to an AWESOME start.

And as far as the rest of the year? Well, you couldn't have landed in a better place to live.

Have any questions? Join the student-run Collins Facebook page, Collinsites (Collins LLC), introduce yourself, and ask away. Everyone is really excited to meet you.

Don't Panic!

About The Author
Siarra Brielle BazlerTelecommunications, Class of 2014

Siarra Bazler is a Telecommunications major with a focus in design and production, entering her senior year at Indiana University. She lives at Collins Living Learning Center where she is very active in student government and programming.