A Simple Guide to Orientation at IU

So, you're a new student at IU and you have to come to Orientation. Here are a five things you can do to make the best out of Orientation, beyond their regularly scheduled activities:

1. Check out Wells Library. During Orientation season, the lobby of Wells is filled with informational booths, and several of them will hand out freebies like flash drives.

2. Go to the IU Art Museum. It's easy to put off going to the Art Museum. I mean, you're going to live on campus; you could go any day you want, right? But once classes start to get in the way, seeing the wonderful artwork there could become less of a priority. Don't miss out!

3. Check and see if there's a movie playing at the IU Cinema while you'll be in town. The IU Cinema movies are usually cheap and very often free, and you aren't likely to catch the movies anywhere else. The IU Cinema entrance is to the left of the IU Auditorium, near the Hoagy Carmichael statue. See their website here.

4. Go to a restaurant on 4th street with your family. 4th Street is one of the best places to eat in Bloomington. If you like Cajun, try Bourbon Chicken at Datz. If Turkish is more your style, grab some Red Lentil Soup and a Pide at Anatolia. Prefer Indian? Try Palak Paneer at Taste of India. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a new favorite food, or start a tradition for when your parents visit.

5. If you know which residence hall you're going to be living in, GET A TOUR. Nothing makes going to college in the fall easier than having already seen your residence hall. I'm a tour guide at Collins LLC, and when people get a tour there they get to see the dining hall, bathrooms, our library, our student-run cafe, a room, of course, and more. They have the opportunity to ask questions and to see first-hand where they will be living in the fall.

Other than that, just remember to have some fun. Don't stress too much about which classes you choose; you can alwasy change them later, and nothing that you schedule for your first semester will affect you adversely long term. I'd suggest to mostly grab at your Gen-Ed credits - it will give you more freedom later if you get them out of the way now.

Welcome to IU!

About The Author
Siarra Brielle BazlerTelecommunications, Class of 2014

Siarra Bazler is a Telecommunications major with a focus in design and production, entering her senior year at Indiana University. She lives at Collins Living Learning Center where she is very active in student government and programming.