Summertime blues: 5 things to do when you're missing IU

I'm what they call an "out-of-state" student. I was born and raised in a small town in northern New Jersey and when I decided to go to college far away from home, I never thought I would fall in love with Bloomington, Indiana as much as I did. With one year at IU under my belt, Bloomington has become my second home. Never in my 19 years of living did I ever think that I would want to leave the comfort of my own warm bed, but I found a perfect place to escape. It's a place with a stunning reputation, a love for basketball and the weekend of all college weekends. Obviously, I'm talking about Bloomington. As the sun shines and the summer continues I can't help but think about how many times I've said, "I wish I was back at school." It's really plain and simple, I miss being at IU.

If you're like me and leave the wonderful town of Bloomington, Indiana from the second week of May until the third week of August, then you understand how difficult it is to be away from the most amazing campus in the world. Here's a few things that have been helping me get through the summer (aside from counting down the days until sophomore year).


Even though you always hear that you won't be friends with your floor from freshman year for all four years of college, there's always those few people who do make an impact on you. Keep in touch with those people. It's nice to see what they're doing for the whole summer, especially when more often then not you're all from different states.


Not all students are blessed with having an internship after their freshman year and many of them end up not doing anything. Get a job, even if it's the job you had in high school or at a local summer camp, therefore, you'll be doing something productive and making extra money. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not sit in your bed and watch Netflix all day because it will make you miss the eventful IU evenings and make the summer go as slow as ever.


There's nothing worse then gaining the "freshman 15" (yes it's a real thing). So, why not join the #FitFam during the summer and focus on losing weight and having a diet that doesn't make you want to eat Pizza X at all hours of the night. I know, it's not as easy as it seems, but once you get in a routine you'll be working out every day and loving the way you look. Plus, don't you want to go back to school looking hot as ever?


As a member of the Indiana University Dance Marathon fundraising committee, I had to add this one. So many people in the IU community are involved or getting involved in IUDM, so why not raise money in all your free time. Put those canning skills to good use and can at home. You'll be teaching the locals in your community about Riley Children's Hospital and adding to your total at the same time. Not only does this help an amazing cause, but it helps to anticipate the coming school year because IUDM is not that far away. 


There are always those friends you went to high school with that you will keep in touch with and it's always nice to catch up with them for a little while. Go out to lunch with friends who go to different schools. Talk about their experience at school and their future plans. Don't get me wrong I love talking to fellow Hoosiers, but sometimes it's nice to hear what other colleges are like. 

I miss Bloomington as much as the next Hoosier, but I've been trying to keep myself busy, so you should too.

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