why YOU should join the IU family!

You always here about how IU is amazing from the a recruiter's persepctive but its not as great because you know that the recruiter is just doing thier job, RECRUITING! You could also read through the blogs here at We Are IU but who likes to read..... admit it we are a lazy nation who would rather information be told to us than read it. (I am actually suprised your reading this now). So the What's New Crew (Katelin, Ashley and I) decided that it would be cool to put a video together about why IU is AHHH MAZE ING and AWWW SOME. 

We got together and interviewed 14 cool and amazing people and asked the to talk about why IU is cool. All 14 have now been at IU for at least 3 months now and they were more than willing to share why they love IU. From Business to Human Biology 17 guys and girls wat you to know why YOU should join the IU Family!

The Video 

Amazing things people said: 

“I was impressed with the people I met when I visited.” – Elizabeth Kerr Finance Major

“The school pride we have is something you don’t see at most schools and it makes all our events fun and memorable.” – Katie Russell

“There are so many students doing pre-med so there are a lot of ways to get help and a lot of resources.” – Katie Russell 

“The Indiana Memorial Union is very cool they have amazing smoothies at Freshens.” – Chuck Richardson Supply Chain Management 

“At IU I have created a family. It is not just my school but my home too. I have pride in everything it represents and want to make my alma mater proud.” – Catherine Penn Business Major

“It’s nice to make friends at social gatherings…IU has so many international programs.” – Kaitlyn Treadway Business Major

“I chose IU because of the great combination of diverse students, top-notch academics, and second to none college basketball.” – David Nugent

“I came to IU because of the Fry Scholarship, great business school, and get out of the state of Kentucky.” – Stephen Anderson Business Major

"The Campus is beautiful" - Julisa Powell 

Big Thanks to

Katelin Corbin, Ashley Martinez, Jill Moore, Insha Malhorta, Julisa Powell, George Fang, Gary Chung, Shannon Tryon, Emily Murphy, Sushmita Datari, Katie Russell, Elizabeth Kerr, David Nugent, Chuck Richardson, Catherine Penn, and Kaitlyn Treadway

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Sara Claire GaspardClass of 2016, Evanston, IL