Three Reasons 'Whats New IU' Should Be On Your Radar

1) Awesome peple talk to you about What's going on here at IU

Its always nice to go to events and call-outs so that you can meet new people but although I love meeting new people I also like doing things with one of my closest friends here at IU Ashley. Ashley and I met at oreintation and have been friends ever since, so far I know that she has been the girl I can aount on, we even met each others parents (through video chat) and I know she is someone I can be friends with for a long (depending on how long I can tolerate her) .

Well we are both Business and Non-Profit Management majors, We live in the KLLC, Ashley is from Vegas as much as I am from Chicago. We are really nice (i like to think some more than others), and according to the Kiersey Tempermant Sorter we both are Idealist Champions (yes we took it seperately and yes we got the same result) Now I'm not going to make this a gushy blog post about how Ashley is amazing (because she's not) but really I just wanted to talk about how besides the fact  that we are both M.O.R.E Ambassoador's, live in McNutt (3 doors away), We are now hosting What's New IU.   Wanna know what it is well......

(this photo is from Oreintation)

2)You get to watch a video to learn about activities rather than read it on the IU events page

 This is a segmant that we will be doing every week for We Are IU blog letting YOU know about what kind of events are going on during the week. Please Check it out.... here's a link to our first post /blog/ashley-martinez/whatsnewiu-91912-92312

We will be posting new videos every Sunday starting September 23 letting you know whats going on here at the IU Bloomington Campus, you can check out our post on the here (We Are IU blog) or the Youtube web page

(you can't...not Make and IU more than once)

Also check out Ashley's blog as well /blog/ashley-martinez


3) Well if you're interested in helping out we might have a spot for you

Since What's New IU is something new we are going to need some help because we would like to film outside of our dorm room, if you are interested please let us know. Also if you know how to do all the cool things with film like inserting text or know a lot about Graphic design please come our way because like the show Two Broke Girls... we are clearly Two Lost Girls just going with the flow!!!.........

If you are interested in Film, Graphic Design and would love to be apart of the What's New IU team Please email us at 

Thanks for reading 


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