The election I voted in!

Well Obama has four more years in office! 

I am  going off the fact that I am psychic .... (My rommate has accepted the fact) So I will explain my predictions!

I knew this was goign to be a close one.... but i also knew that Obama was going to get 270 electoral college votes before Romney.....where's my proof: 

This was the electoral college for this year:


This was my guess:

Now I didnt get  VA right.... probably i figured it would be a close one... and I didn't put Florida on the map because that is probably the most diverse state politically! 

But I do want to say that for the first election that I voted in I expected more than I actually got out of it! I thought more would happen yet I felt like i left just as fast as it started I didnt get a time to think "OMG I made a difference in this election!"

I do have to say that a lot of people on my floor, and here at IU were really into the election probably way more than me(because i knew what was going to happen...Im psychic). There are Hardcore Obama Fans and hardcore Romney fans but all in all i want you everyone to remember: 

‎"The beauty of our country is that EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion - and the fact that we differ is actually what makes the world go round. What benefits some, does not benefit others...what's best for some, is not the best for others. But proud people are defending those issues that matter to them, just don't forget to respect the issues that matter to others. :-)" - Melissa Rycroft Strickland ....

OBAMA"S SPEECH WAS AHHH MAZE ING :)...yes I know my post doesnt really flow.. really thats how i talk...start one way end glad I am on the same topic!

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