Start a Club... DO SOMETHING! (read if you want to make a difference)

You always hear... Its easy to start a club WELL I WANNA START ONE!... 

Have you ever heard of Do Something (also known as, Well I really want to start an IU chapter here!... Starting a new club involves work!  I am not sure how easy it is to do as a freshman or if that even matters but I do know that I need 5 IU students, a constitution, organization email address, and Advisor. Well I don't think that creating an email is going to be hard (since I have like 12) but I am really looking forward to finding someone else to start the club with me. I know my What's New IU counter part Ashley is going to help me but we need 3 other people because 5 - 2 is 3 (I think). We also need an advisor, I figured I'd save that for after I have 5 people but I think thats me putting it off. With the constituion..I think I will need 4 others to help me out!

What is Do Something?!?

Its a Non-Profit organization that promotes young adults (such as US) to get involved in social changes. Some of the campaigns that they have going on now is 50 cans, Give a Spit, Pics for Pets, Vote up or Shut up, and the Bully Text. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, these are some crazy campaign names but they really are for a good cause.

-The 50 cans is about recycling cans... "Recycling Aluminum Cans saves 95 % of the energy used to make alumnium cans from new materal."

-Give A Spit (love the name) campaign is all about mouth swab to see if you're a match for someonme who is diagnosed with blood cancer... We as students can make a difference and hold a drive!

-Pics for Pets is to help take wonderful pics of pets so that they get adopted because "Every year, approximately 3 to 4 million animals in Shellters are euthanized simply because they don't get adopted.. one reason they don't get adopted is because of bad pictures

- Bully Text is to help show people what their role is in bullying,.. "1 in 5 high school students say they are victims of bullying"... Chances are there are people here on the IU campus who are being bullied because bullying is everywhere! 


I am really passionate about social issues, and I would really love to Do Something and start a club make a difference and put a smile on someone's face. If you feel the same way as me or your just Pro- Social change PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know and we can become best friends (or not) and just start the club together! Email me at 


xo SC

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Sara Claire GaspardClass of 2016, Evanston, IL