Picking Classes - Lucky number 5

I am pretty sure we are finally reaching the time when freshmen are choosing their classes, because I just choose mine a week ago (Super EXCITED). I wanted to give you guys some advice when picking classes. For starters, remember the number 5. Five is just the safest number when picking classes. I believe that you should stay around five classes and/or 15 credit hours because my first semester I took eight classes for 15 credit hours and that was the semester from hell! If you take 15, you are on a safe track to graduate in four years (at least in School of Public Health) and your not taking too many credit hours where you would be stressed out of your mind yet you aren't taking just a few credit where you have a little too much freedom for comfort (trust me I just completed my second worst semester with 12 credits=four Classes and I worked seven hours a week). Now as for the five classes that is because four classes is the bare minimum and equals 12 credit hours(to be a full time student) and I have already discusses how that might be a problem. Now six classes may mean that you may have four classes one day and that is just hectic. but if you can handle it, go ahead. The lucky number is five because you should stay as close to five classes and/or 15 credit hours.

Some other notes to keep in mind 

  • Try to take at least one fun class that you will enjoy - trust me it will make all the difference in your week 
  • Use the Planner on Onestart it helps a lot (it lets you add backup classes)
  • Actually take the advising meeting seriously and not as a job to lift the hold on your record
  • Have classes on your cart because you want to be ready -- and be prepared if the class is already full (especially if your taking Kelley classes those classes are gone like hot cakes)
  • Schedule for classes ASAP, if you can schedule at 3:45 November 21 you better darn well be at a computer ready at 3:43 Nov. 21st.

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