One Major, No Minors? Stand Out? No Worries!

Many of my friends and students across the country have two or more majors and/or 2 or more minors. Personally I choose not to have a minor or double major. Don't get me wrong I have thought about it excessively. You think "How can I stand out!" So I took classes here and there trying to find something I would love to minor in but while I was spending my time thinking I noticed how much I love taking different random classes along with the required major courses. I really love the freedom of not having to fullfill any class requirements while fulfilling my credit requirements towards graduation. 

The reason most people don't leave College with just a major is because they want to stand out or because they actually want to take all those spanish courses. Personally I don't have a subject that I am passionate about other than my major (which I feel is the perfect major for me) Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management (long enought to sound like 3 different majors). As for standing out I am doing a pretty good job doing that outside of class. I have a variety of interest and I believe that I can use those interests to show how different I am. Everything I do is because I love it, I have reached a point in my life where I am doing things becasue I love it and not becasue of some exterior motive. 

I think that if you have certain specific outside of school things that make you cool use them! Now, I should say that you should at least be committed to something for me its my heritage and DECA. I say this because I think if you have a lot of activites(hopefuly not more than you can handle) and show how long you have been doing this certain activity, you don't look like you have committment issues and the Job you apply to can feel confident that you believe in a life outside of work and believe that you won't quit in a month because you're bored and want a different type of job. Plus who knows that activity you do might help you within a job interview, lets say you're a certified Scuba Diver and so is your interviewer, you have something to talk about and something to connect with them with. They will remeber you within the pool of applicants. Granted a person with many majors or minors may have the same experience as you but unlike them you can tell the interviewer how cool it was to take all those classes and what you learned from them. 

I guess the point of this post was to state that its ok if you have one major! You shouldn't stress out over it or force yourself to do something you aren't that excited about because you think it would make you look more exciting. It just makes you less than you and your major(s) should reflect you!

Also as an Evanston, Illinois resident I still love Northwestern Univ. and well I found this great checklist that If you are thinking about Double Majoring, you may want to look at 

Consider a double major:

  • If you will enjoy and do well in the required courses.
  • If the coursework will help you focus your personal, academic, and career aspirations.
  • If you are strongly committed to both majors.
  • If a second adjunct major will complement your primary major.

Reconsider a double major:

  • If you haven't clarified your academic interests and goals.
  • If you simply want to impress potential employers or graduate schools.
  • If the course work will be difficult to complete in four years.
  • If you would like to take diverse courses outside of your major disciplines. Pursuing a double major can make it difficult to complete courses that are not part of your planned program of study.
  • If your interests will be served better by existing interdisciplinary and ad hoc major options.
  • If you won't have the time to take advantage of research and independent study opportunities, or departmental honors seminars. 

 More Information at:

Also I must say I am not against Double majors, you need to decide for yourself if it fits you. I just don't think it fits me, and who knows I might leave IU with a double major and three minors. 


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