Note to Prospective College Students

Well, its that time of year where my facebook timeline is starting to get filled with "I got accepted to_________" (My favorites are those who got accepted to IU) So i decided to make a few general list of "need to knows" for students going to college next fall! 

First off if you are reading this and you have already been accepted to a school CONGRATULATIONS! If you have been accepted to IU .... CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE AMAZING!.. and you're one step closer to becoming a HOO HOO HOO HOOSIER! 

The following list is pretty much a list of things I wish I knew!

If you don't get accepted to your top school its not the end of the world!

This may come as a shock to you, but yes this happens you may not get accepted to your top school and feel like its the end of the world BUT ITS NOT! Like the infamous Marilyn Monroe once said " I believe everything happens for a reason.... things go wrong so you learn to appreciate them when they're right.. and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." This is a quote hanging on my wall here in my dorm room because its true everything happens for a reason. The reason why you are not accepted to your top school is probably because you and that school wouldn't mesh well toogether despite your beliefs. For all you know that school, which is number 2 or 3 or even 5 on your list happens to be the perfect fit for you to grow and become a better person. Honestly I (although I am ashamed as a Hoosier to say this) I didnt get into my number one school. I was denied right off the bat and I cried because I was devastated but If I knew that I would end up here at Indiana University - Bloomington wih amazing friends, Professors, and in an amazing Campus, I wouldnt have shed a tear for the school that IUFB actually beat last week. 


Even typing the word home-cooked makes my mouth water. Honestly I have not have a homecooked meals since Labor day! I literally can't wait until Thanksgiving! Why you are spending your time at home now during your senior year please please for me eat as many home-cooked meals that by the time you get to school you'll be so tired of it you won't need another home cooked meal until November 2013! Since we are talking about food, stay away from microwavable becuase when  the dining halls get annoying... microwavable food is all you got! And you don't want to be tired of it before you get here

Acepting you Acception! 

I thought that title was so creative... but when you do decide what school is right  make the descion for yourself. Put aside what your family wants you to do, what kind of brand the school has, but just think about whether or not YOU actually see yourself there bec ause honestly your going to be spending the majority of your life there for the next 4-6 years. Stay true to yourself and hope for the best!                 

Don't be afraid!

I know I have only been here a couple of months but I was afraid of what college life was like. I thought I was going to loose my best friends who go to different schools with (one of which at the school that shall remain unamed) But I think that we have a bond no one here at IU could ever replace no matter how awesome the student body is. I was also afraid to be away from my Mom (who I talk to everyday) because well SHE'S MY MOM!  She is my biggest cheerlaeader so I thought it would be weird not to have her around to cheer me on! But we worked it out we have settled! I still miss her (hence the calls everyday) but I know she still cheers me on. I will say college is as hard as they say it  is but its "do-able" You could get through it and find help!                       


These are the last few months that your life will be relatively the same. Starting after New Years your life will be changing (for the best) and you have to be open to the change and a long for the ride. I think that this year alone I have had the most changes. I am now living away from home, I live in a different state ( I lived in the same town all my life), I won't see my mom or best friends everyday, and I am learning new things about myself everyday. Before this year I didnt blog, the closest thing to my blog are my 10k tweets! I love blogging now, I like sharing my stories, and reading others and thats something I learned. I am not saying everyone will be a blogger but you are going to discover things about yourself you didnt know before just accept it an BE HAPPY....HAVE FUN!

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Sara Claire GaspardClass of 2016, Evanston, IL