Nominate @IUBloomington for a Shorty Award!

Hey I know you love this school because you're clearly taking the time to read this blog which means you either love it or you're falling in love with it :) ....... WELL a great way to show you're love is vote IU for a Shorty Award! 

What's a Shorty Award?

Well, the Shorty Awards started out as awards recognizing awesome Tweeters around the world and moved toward social media in general. As part of this years awards, Barnes and Noble is co-sponsoring the #BNCollege Shorty award and you can help nominate @IUBloomington... I mean if you by your books in the IMU then they are a part of BN College!


1)Well you need a Twitter or Facebook (If you don't have one... I guess you can create one for this reason)

2) there are two ways to nominate IU well you can tweet "I nominate @IUBloomington for a Shorty Award in #bncollege because......" or go to where you can use your facebook and/or twitter account!

3) make sure you give a reason because one that doesn't have a reason doesnt get counted.... hurry up and vote we're in 1th place now lets make it to first Go Hoosiers 

Here are some rules to remember:

  • From or on Twitter, send a tweet like this: I nominate @IUBloomington for a Shorty Award in #bncollege because... [add reason here]
  • You can nominate anyone who has a Twitter account for a Shorty Award (which recognizes everything they do on other social networks too).
  • Be creative with the reason. A tweet without a reason for the nomination will not be counted.
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