Movies, music and More ... Oh My!

DID YOU KNOW....That in every dorm there is this cool little Blockbuster type library where students cane check ...wait for it.... MOVIES, MUSIC, AND MORE! Now If you didn't get out of your room right now and go to your Center building and ask them where is this Terrific place! Now I'm probably bragging about this place because I actually work there or I work there because I love it so much! Honestly you should really check it out. We are connected to IUCAT (for those of you who don't know what IUCAT is, its a place where you can search for different items within all of IU's campuses and the city of Bloomington, its honestly an amazing and very helpful invention), so search for you fave movie or CD and find out where it is held.

Now how does this wonderful library work...well.... All You have to do is go into the library and scan the shelves for something you like once you find a movie keep looking through the shelves because you have the option to check out up to 2 DVDs and/or 2 CDs and not only do we have movies we have TV shows too...I know soooooo many choices! wait until you actually step foot into the library. And before I forget you don't have to pay to rent this wonderful media materials, all you have to do is give the Student at the desk your ID and the things you want to check out and they'll get the actual CD/DVD (you only see the display case without a CD/DVD inside) and then scan the CD/DVD as well as your ID and you're free to go. Just remember to return all your items in on time. The DVDs are 2 day rentals, CDs are 5 day rentals, and if you check out a book its a 14 day rental. :)


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