Knock Knock Part 2 - a year later

Exactly one year ago I wrote my first official blog for We Are IU. I can't believe it! My first post was an introduction Knock Knock ...HOOSIER... Sara.. Sara Who ... SARA CLAIRE!  I thought it would be a great idea to re-introduce myself because I have grown up so much in changed in the most amazing ways that its crazy to think of the person I was when I first started my experience at IU. Lets start with my name: I still go by Sara - Claire but I sometimes go by SC as well (I think eventually I will settle on a name that people can call me). Last year I said that I was the aunt of 6 going on 7, well now I am the aunt of 8 yup 4 girls 4 boys (that's what happens when you are in a big family). I am still apart of M.O.R.E, I am the Vice President of DECA, and a member of PTMC. Sadly I no longer work at Monroe County Library as a Homework Center Tutor because the program has been discontinued but I have gotten an amazing job as an RPS Movies, Music and More Library Student Assistant - and I love my job!  I have learned so much in one year here at IU and cant wait to learn so much more and blog about it! So here's to my future experiences and blog posts!

About The Author
Sara Claire GaspardClass of 2016, Evanston, IL