Knock Knock ...HOOSIER... Sara.. Sara Who ... SARA CLAIRE!

Yay! I'm an official WeAreIU blogger! Well I'm Sara Claire Gaspard. My first name is actually Sara and my middle name is Claire but since there are probably thousands of Sara/Sarah's in the world and I am favor my middle name i decided to combine the two like my College Counselor said "because it's unique."

I was born and raised in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois. I am the youngest of 6 and an aunt of that many plus one more on the way which will make 7. I love meeting new people and learning new things. I am a part of M.O.R.E and I will be working out the Monroe County Library started tomorrow (Ohhhhh exciting)! I like to think of myself as a people -person (and so do the 3 other personality test I have taken since for classes since I stepped foot on campus).

I think the most important information is How did I find IU!!...(well I guess its not that important since there are so many "Chicagoans" here on campus) My Lovely and Amazing Mother's boss happens to be an IU alum who introduced IU to me my Junior year and through pictures and the website I absolutely fell in love with it! Applied Senior year, accepted January 18, 2012 (very important moment in my life, found out through email and screamed during class). And somewhere between that day and now all my dreams had come true and I found out that college is FUN but.....SO MUCH WORK!!! Truth be told when everyone warns you about college they are not lying! 

I love it here this is truly an amazing school and the right choice for me. i live in the KLLC which is amazing because I'm surrounded by business majors(although I dont have any non-business major friend :( but if you are not a business major and need a friend IM HERE).. So let it be said I'm happy here and if you're reading this and you don't go here im pretty sure YOU WILL BE HAPPY HERE!!!

I hope that you will like my blog post and that I keep up with it. This is my first official blog as a student blogger but I have blogged twice before. 

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