IU Dance Marathon (IUDM) - The Amazing experience

I want to take the time to say the IU Dance Marathon (IUDM) was amazing! The energy was just undescribable. There were tears shed over inspirational stories, there was laughter and smiles kids with Amazing Talents. There was an amazing line dance taught! All in All it was an amazing night that I cannnot begin to explain how incredible those 18 hours of my  life was. Kudos to the 36hr dancers because they are truly inspirational!

If you were not involved with IUDM as a dancer I stongly encourage you to get involved next year because hearing the stories, laughing, crying, and just having a good time with your fellow Hoosiers, giving up thier weekend for the kids (FTK) is truly the best thing you will ever experience! I wish I could write more but I honestly couldn't do IUDM justice! Its something you have to experience for yourself!

To all the donors and Dancers may I say to for myself THANK YOU! To all the Comittee members and Directors THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication! To the Riley kids and families, THANK YOU for being such an amazing group of kids,you all have such an amazing spirit, its inspiring and contagious! But a special THANKS to Riley Hospital because hearing the stories of all the Riley kids and thier families I know that Riley hospital is filled with the best of the best! Riley Hospital is more than just a hospital to these families but also a home! I couldbn't be more proud to say that IUDM raised a total of $2,125,322.20! We made History FTK!

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