I had Faith we were going to win! Great Job IU Football

"I have the stangest feeling that  is going to win today... its strange becuase ik I can't go to the game so sadly I will miss it" 

Who knew I was psychic! On Saturday, an hour before the game I made that tweet, and "strangely" I was right! Our IU Hoosiers beat the Iowa Hawkeyes 24-21. And asd the internet as my proof I called it! 

I was walking into the McNutt C-Store, getting ready to work on my term project in the lab all I caould think about was how I will be missing the football game. Then i had a sudden feeling that we were going to win and I told every one when football came into the conversation... I am so happy I was right. But also just like i predicted I feel strange because I wasnt a part of that game cheering for the guys from the stands and I cant wait until next weekend to do so! Wisconsin better beware.. the Hoosier won't back down! 


I have to say Thanks to the boys for being so inspirational, showing us Hoosiers not to give up because clearly it helps out in the end! I have faith they will win the next 3 conference games! Rose Bowl here we come! Go Hoo Hoo Hoosiers 

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Sara Claire GaspardClass of 2016, Evanston, IL