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Wow! We have reached the time where first semester is almost over. To all those Freshmen out there, I decided to dedicate a post to you. First of all, congrats, you're still here! I remember how many times I told myself that I was going to dropout last year (I think I only told myself that to celebrate that I didn't) which is why I keep saying congrats to you all. Here is a little secret, I heard first semester of college is the hardest semester. Why? Well your juggling freedom, classes, work, homework, peer pressure, love, friends, homesickness, leisure, and just plain old PRESSURE! You are living the American Dream, you are attending college (which happens to be the first step) so there is a lot of pressure to be better than yourself and it is really hard to deal with. You are living on your own in a strange place probably with your best friend from high school, or someone you met through Facebook or, if you're like me, you come to campus not knowing anyone (except the kids from HS you never spoke to). I wanted to post something to say HEY CONGRATULATIONS yet at the same time say TIME TO GET DOWN TO THE NITTY GRITTY>>>FINALS ARE COMING! 

Now here is how you prepare 

  1. As you have learned throughout the semester college is NOT like high do yourself a favor and remember that going into finals. YOU NEED TO STUDY! DO NOT CONVINCE YOURSELF OTHERWISE! Don't tell yourself "Hey this class was a no brainer all semester I don't have to worry about this class as much as the other class" LIES! You need to worry about each and every class, because finals can honestly make or break you...and you don't want to have to take a class over --clearly that would be a waste of several hundred dollars. Also do yourself a favor and make sure you learn all that needs to be learned before the last week of actual classes because you shouldn't be learning new materials the weekend before classes.
  2. Prioritize! As soon as you hit campus on December 1 you need to live the life of a student who gives 80% more than what you have been giving to your classes. You've been given 100% GREAT! but its time to give 180%...If you've been giving 50% its definitely time to bump it up! You need to Prioritize that means no more hanging outside waiting for taxi's at 1am outside the dorm (I'm especially talking to those of you who live on Northwest Campus, I know I'm an alumni of that part of town),  that means no more Netflix or Hulu binging for you tv/Film buffs (and take a break from the MMM's as well). Although prioritizing may seem like just putting school first for 3 weeks straight (because lets be honest we all haven't done our best to do so this whole semester), you also need to prioritize which classes need a little more studying. That means that class you've skipped about 2 times should probably be towards the top of your list but it should also be there with which ever exam comes first. Check your exam schedule here! You need to figure out what works best for you. 
  3. Sleep! Now we all know there are those of you who are probable going to enjoy your last three weeks of freedom before be stuck back in the parents house with a curfew; that may lead to you do a lot more enjoying the two weeks after Thanksgiving break and a little more all-nighter to get that study in..well my advice if you really feel like its necessary to pull an all-nighter(which I do not recommend) I think you should try to get some Power naps or at least get 4 hours of sleep because Sleep is very important and it helps your MEMORY!!
  4. TAKE A BREAK! Go workout at the SRSC, go for a walk, watch a tv show on netflix, go hang out with friends, maybe even go to a party (just don't go the Sunday before a Monday exam). Don't pressure yourself with too much studying > you're going to hurt your brain. So relax, eat well and have good faith that you will get the grade you deserve! Hopefully you believe you deserve and A. (just don't take breaks longer than you actually done studying ... I say 60% study 40% get a life!)

Good Luck to all..I hope to see you next semester on Campus!

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