Having an Off Week --- Domino Effect?

If you are a Senior in HS you probably have been having more than an off week. You probably have Senioritis, which means you are having an off semester. If you are already in college then you probably already know why you should not have an off week. Well this week I have really been off my game. I missed two classes, accidently studied for only half of my geography quiz, did not study as much as a should have for my psych test, and  forgot an assignment.

Now the reason why having an off week is so bad is because there are only 16 weeks in a semester. Missing one week means I only can have 15 weeks of productivity but the one off week of course has the domino affect and I am going to be making up for it by putting the pieces back together. Now I will not be able to turn in a late assignment so those points can never be earned (it was for Psych class) which means I am going to have to work harder to make sure I do not lose any more points. In my Psych class we get to take the lowest test score out of our final grades and I hope that this test is that one which means I am going to have to work harder on every other test to make sure I get as much points as possible. Luckily the same goes for my geography quiz as well. 

Last semester as my first semester at IU, I had about two off weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break because I was really homesick and had not been home since Labor Day. Those two weeks really set me back and my grades probably would've been better if I was not so not motivated to do work. My advice - keep up the good work at least four days of the week and relax the other days because trust me you will need to. 

For me I have no class on Fridays so I know what I am going to be doing tomorrow :(


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