Fall Break... Fun on Campus

While (almost) Everyone left campus during Fall break, I stayed on campus with my What's New IU Co-Host Ashley and well we had an AMAZING break on campus. I feel that everyione felt like they needed to get away but the best thing was probably to stay on campus. For starters you dont have to go through travel time or pay for gas.  You can get stuff off your checklist and have fun while doing it. This is what we did over the break:


  • Grocery Shopping- because we were running out of snacks
  • Movie from McNutt Library: Taken 


  • Laundry/ Habitat for Hummanity
  • Academic Planning: 

                          Well we want to figure out what kind of classes to take next semester (mostly together) 

  • Build-A-Bear... Ash and I nmade each other Build-A-Bear that resemble each other and they also speak with our voices.........Meet Clara and Ash Hoosier 
  • Dinner at T.G.I.Fridays

We ate Backwards so desert, Entree then apetizer...The Best way to eat


  • Taken 2 @ AMC Theaters

  • Movie from McNutt Library:  Clueless, Something Borrowed, and Burlesque


  • T.I.S Bookstore: get calculator for A100
  • Walk through Kirkwood
  • Shopping at Campus Mall

I have a new SUIT!!!

  • Painted our face and went to the FOOTBALL GAME

  • Movie on Netflix: Timer(not reccommended)


  • Clean room (was spotless, yeterday, filled with study material today)
  • Film What's New IU

  • Homework-welll I had to get to it sometime

So next ttime your hanging around campus, and you need a friends Ashley and I are here( just not Thanksgiving and Winter Break) maybe we'lll even feature you on What's New!!

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Sara Claire GaspardClass of 2016, Evanston, IL